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Myanmar Road Infrastructure

The most favored method of transportation in Myanmar is by road.

Local Roads:

Currently, the country's roads are in very poor condition due to a lack of investment, among other factors. But like everything else in Myanmar these days, upgrades are under way. Roads are being upgraded in stages from dirt roads to metal roads and bitumen roads. Successive upgrades will turn these roads into two-lane roads, then four-lane, then six-lane.

+ The Yangon – Pyay route is considered the best highway in Myanmar. It was funded by the Japanese government.

+ The Pyay – Magway Road is a continuation of the road mentioned above. It runs on the east bank of the Irrawaddy River and continues to Bagan via Yenanchaung, the major oil drilling town in central Myanmar.

+ The road from Mandalay to Lashio and Muse is another decent highway. This is one of the most important trade routes in Myanmar. The road has been specifically funded by the U.K. and the U.S. to handle traffic coming from trade on the border with China.

+ There is a 695 km highway connecting Yangon and Mandalay. The road passes through Bago, Taungoo, Pyinmana, Naypyidaw and Meikhtila and is the main commercial link. This is two-lane highway for the most part, but it turns into four-lanes near Yangon and Mandalay. Currently, six-lane sections are being constructed.

+ The Western Union Highway connects towns and cities west of the Irrawaddy River. It is considered the worst highway in the country. It some places it is simply a dirt road.

International Roads:

To support Myanmar's regional cooperation with neighboring countries, the government is now creating international highways.

+ ASEAN Highways:
1. AH 1- Myawadi- Tamu (1665 Km)
2. AH 2- Tachilake- Kyaington- Taunggyi-Meikhtilla- Tamu
3. AH 3- Kyaington-Mylar (93 km)
4. Ah 14- Mandalay- Muse (453 Km)
5. AH 111- Loinling-Thibaw (239 Km)
6. AH 112- Thahtone-Kyaukthoung (239 Km)
7. AH 123- Dewai- Minthame Valley in Thai-Myanmar Border (141 Km)
8. AH 123- Laynyar Ywe – Khalonloin in Thai (60Km)

+ Asian Highways:
1. AH 1 – Myawaddy –Tamu (1665 Km)
2. AH 2 – Tachilake – Kyaiton-taunggyi – Meikhtila (807 Km) and then link with AH 1
3. AH 3 – Kyaiton – Mylar (93 Km)
4. AH 4 – Mandaly – Muse (453 Km)

+ GMS Highways:
1. R3 - Tachilake – kyaiton- Mailar (257Km)
2. R4 - Lasho – Muse (176 Km)
3. R5 - Kyaiton – Loinlin –Thibaw- Lasho (666 Km)

For a list of projects in development, look here.

Asian Highway Routes, via United Nations ESCAP
 Asian Highway Routes, via United Nations ESCAP
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Mandalay, the last capital of the Myanmar Kingdom is the cultural centre of the country. ... More

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