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Ports in Myanmar

Myanmar has 9 ports in the following cities: Yangon, Sittaway (Sittwe), Kyauk Phyu, Thandwe, Pathein, Mawlamyine, Dawei, Myeik, Kawthaung.

Myanmar's ports are vital in connecting the world's most dynamic economies.

A detailed report on Myanmar's industrial development can be found here. Below, we have summarized the report's findings regarding Myanmar's ports.

+ Thailand is creating a new international trade route by developing ports and industrial complexes in Dawei. Their deep sea port project will allow 40 million tons of finished goods to be exported yearly. 5 million tons of rice, sugar, corn, tapioca, and other grains will flow through the port every year. 25 million tons of coal will be imported yearly. The port will see 50 million tons of general cargo, 35 million tons of chemical, and 36 million tons of crude oil.

+ China is investing in the Kyauk Phyu port to create a logistic route to supply energy. The port has a 480-meter-long quay, a 150-meter-long jetty allowing 5,000-ton vessels to berth, a 29.7 km-long waterway, a 600,000 m3 water storage tank, machine facilities, and construction facilities.

+ India is developing the Sittaway (Sittwe) port to connect northeastern India via the Kaladan River. Land-locked Indian commodities passing through the Sittaway port will be exported to other Southeast Asian nations.

Map of Myanmar's ports
 Map of Myanmar's ports Development plan for the Dawei port
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The Burmese or Myanmar script developed from the Mon script, which was adapted from a southern Indian script during the 8th century. The earliest known inscriptions in the Burmese script date from the 11th... ... More

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