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Comprehensive Information about Labor and Workforce Availability in Myanmar

Workforce Availability

Myanmar workforce

Labor force

33.41 million (2012 est.)
country comparison to the world: 19

According to Myanmar’s official statistical yearbook for 2009, total employed population in the country was 15.83m people (the estimate is based on a 1990 labor force survey). This source says that the distribution of the employed population is as follows: agriculture – 56.47%, industry including mining, manufacturing, and electricity, gas and water - 12.49%; construction – 2.64% and services including logistics, financial institutions, trade, hotels, restaurants and social services – 28.4%.

The minimum wage in Myanmar is set by a minimum wage council, according to the Minimum Wages Act of 1949. The minimum wage for a public sector employee has been set at 15,000 kyats ($18) plus allowances. The minimum wage for private sector employee is 500 kyats ($0.62) per day which may be supplemented by various subsidies and allowances.

Working hours vary from sector to sector. According to Myanmar’s statistical yearbook for 2009, standard working hours were 44 hours per week. However, while government employees enjoy a 35-hour workweek, the 1951 leave and holidays act stipulates 48 hours of work per week for employees of “companies, trading centers, factories”, 44 hours per week for employees of “oil field and mines” and 40 hours per week for employees involved in “underground mines”

Did You Know?
Myanmar, which has a total area of 678,500 square kilometres, is the largest country in mainland Southeast Asia, and the 40th-largest in the world. It is somewhat smaller than the U.S. state of Texas and slightly larger... ... More

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GDP 2010 USD 45.4 B
GDP 2012 USD 54.0 B
Inflation 9.13 %
Unemployment Approx. 35%
GDP growth 2011 5.5 %
FDI 2011 USD 1.05 B
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