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Telenor to recruit 3000 Myanmar staff

Date: 19/08/2013
Source: Mizzima
Telenor to recruit 3000 Myanmar staff

Norway’s Telenor Group said that they would recruit approximately 3000 Myanmar nationals to provide local communication services. Telenor won the recent Myanmar telecommunication tender.

Telenor Group will recruit employees in three phases. In the first phase 25 management level employees who are proficient in business development and strategic planning will be recruited. They will execute administrative duties to launch Telenor Myanmar. The application period for these employment opportunities will be mid-August to September end.

“We will announce managerial positions for Myanmar nationals initially. We plan to recruit about 3000 employees from Myanmar in total. Around 2000 employees will be employed as Telenor’s vendors. The sector will include call centers, sales and marketing. We will be making announcements for these positions shortly. The remaining 1000 employees will be Telenor Myanmar’s in-house staff. They will work directly for Telenor whereas the other 2000 employees will be employed by partner companies. We will invite applications for Information and Technology specialists and staff for other sectors from October to December”, said Mrs. Tipayarat Kaewsringram, the Public Relation Officer at Telenor.

The job application forms may be emailed to Telenor’s official website or .

Mr. Petter Furberg, the CEO of Telenor Myanmar said that the Telenor Group will also open a Telenor Myanmar Academy aimed at job training.

“We will provide job training designed to impart product knowledge and technical aspects of the job process. We are under negotiations to open an Academy in Myanmar. We already have an Academy in Thailand, where our head office is based. We provide job training for our company staff as well as interested individuals who are not employ by Telenor”, he said.

Telenor Myanmar will operate as a 100% foreign-owned venture. Telenor provides telecommunication services to 148 million users around the world. 51 percent of the Telenor Group’s shares are owned by the Norwegian Government.

Topic: Business
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