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Cost of Doing Business in Myanmar

Cost of Labor in Myanmar

Cost of Labor in Myanmar

Myanmar offers investors and abundant workforce at reasonable cost.

2012 Labor cost in Yangon, Myanmar. Salary levels (in USD)

Some sample numbers from late 2012.

Blue Collar Unskilled Workers - 100 $
Semi Skilled Workers -150 $
Supervisors / Team Leaders -200-300 $
University Graduates with knowledge of computers and English)- 300-500 $ - depending on work experience

Cost of Real Estate in Myanmar

Cost of Real Estate in Myanmar

After years of mismanagement and short-term planning that have resulted in a clogged, dirty downtown area and insufficient transport infrastructure leading out from the city, town planners have begun working on a 30-year master plan for Yangon.

Both public and private sectors are involved in the planning process, which aims to rehabilitate a city that has suffered under decades of mismanagement and poor planning.

The town plan has a nominal completion date of 2040 and aims to create a blueprint to make Yangon one of Southeast Asia’s most vibrant cities once... [ More ]

Cost of Office Space in Myanmar

Cost of Office Space in Myanmar

There are only three office towers in Myanmar: Sakura Tower, FMI Centre, and Centrepoint. Sakura Tower is completely occupied.

According to The Phuket Insider, office space in Yangon is being rented at 150 USD per square meter.

Property reserved for future business districts is going at 4,000 USD per square meter.

Yangon’s total stock of office space is only 63,000 sqm, which represents less than 1% of 8.1mn sqm of office space in... [ More ]

Cost of Construction in Myanmar

Cost of Construction in Myanmar

Notes about the Myanmar (Burma) construction sector.

• One of the catalysts for Burma’s growth is the construction sector, which grew at an average rate of 11.5% annually from 2007 to 2011
• There was a strong performance in the infrastructure and residential over 2007-2011. These sectors account for 78 % of total construction value.
• Construction industry was estimated at value close to $ 3 Billion US. There are expectations for the sector to reach $ 4.2 Billion US in 2016.
• During 2007-2011 the industry grew a CAGR of 11.5% in kyat terms and 25.4% in... [ More ]

Did You Know?
The name Myanmar is derived from the local name Myanma Naingngandaw, which is a name used by the governent which is currently in power there. While the real meaning of the name is not clear, it is interesting to note... ... More

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GDP 2010 USD 45.4 B
GDP 2012 USD 54.0 B
Inflation 9.13 %
Unemployment Approx. 35%
GDP growth 2011 5.5 %
FDI 2011 USD 1.05 B
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